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Assigned Seating#110


Would be great to be able to assign registered users to specific tables, as there are some events where we’d like to preset the groupings.

5 months ago

This is so imnportant for our events. Can we also have a button - “Send attendees to their pre-assigned seats”?

5 months ago

great feature request. This could be very useful for “mentors” or “table captains” in events where the presenter wants to assign tables.

4 months ago

I would love to be able to assign ‘coaches’ to specific tables so that after presenting, when everyone is sent to breakout groups the coaches automatically are set to a pre-assigned table with a corresponding table description for their breakout discussion.

3 months ago

I second this, Leaving a reserve seat would be great

2 months ago

Selling event tickets would be exponentially easier if groups could “gather” at the same table and not have to hop scotch to find each other… or have random folks jump into their conversation.

4 days ago