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Shuffle attendees#134

We ran an event this week with 70-80 people. they naturally filled up tables of 6 and tended to stick at their tables as you can’t join a table which already has 6 people on it.

We were keen for them to mingle with people on other tables so it would be great to have a button which you could press to say ‘ in 30 seconds (or whatever) we’ll shuffle the tables around so you can meet other people’

5 months ago

Great idea!

4 months ago

This would be very useful!

4 months ago

I like the idea of keeping the tables in place and shuffling attendees by attendee type. That way Event Managers, Speakers, or guest type can stay put and other attendees will be shuffled to a new table.

2 months ago

Depending on the event, this would be a great feature!

a month ago