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Ability to get up from a table without sitting down at a new table#356

After you sit down at a table, you can’t just get up without sitting down at a new table.

There should be a way of getting up, without sitting down right away. Just like when you first join the conference, you aren’t seated yet.


I sit down at Table 1
I get up from Table 1 by clicking on my icon again (which basically takes me off the table)
Then I go grab my cup of coffee, or run to the bathroom, without sitting down at another table
Then later, I go sit down at Table 2

5 months ago

+1 to this. Additionally, the camera and mic AUTO START once a presenter stops presenting with no way to disable this feature while someone is presenting. Do they just hope we’re not having a private conversation or stepped away to use the bathroom?

5 months ago

I agree. We majorly are in need of this feature!

We are looking for a space for people to stand that isn’t at a table, taking up a seat. For example, what if someone needs a bathroom break or they receive a phone call and they don’t want to leave the event altogether. It would be great if they had a space to stand without any audio or video etc. but that is still within the event and doesn’t take away a seat from someone else who may want to be part of the table.

4 months ago

This would be great. As an attendee, I might need a break. I might want to go look up another attendee, or look around the rooms/tables to see where I want to go to next.

2 months ago