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Virtual or Blurred Backgrounds for Presenter#43

Would be awesome for the presenter of an event to be able to set virtual backrounds (like on Zoom) or blur background (like on Microsoft Teams.

a year ago

fyi for people who need this now, can use snap camera to do this pretty easily

10 months ago

This is definitely doable, the process is quite easy with the snapcamera app. I didn’t know anything about snapchat prior to logging into snapcamera.

Download the app for free:

9 months ago

You shouldn’t need an app or third-party download for something this simple. Other web conferencing platforms (Zoom, MS Teams) do this as a basic part of the platform.

5 months ago
Changed the status to
4 months ago

Planned???? So like three to six months before we see it then? I’ll carry on using my virtual camera for now then…

4 months ago

Not just got presenters, it would be nice for everyone to have this feature

a month ago