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Share computer audio#44

Like on zoom, would be great to be able to share computer audio when presenting/sharing screen.

9 months ago


6 months ago

Very important update

5 months ago
Changed the status to
2 months ago

If you need a temp solution - look up virtual audio cables

19 days ago

Yes, agree with @Anonymous, however it’s not a temporary solution, it’s one of the permanent solutions, we’ve been using virtual audio cable and ishowuaudion for months because of the lack of sharing sound when screen sharing. MUST get sound sharing ASAP and MUST revert to the old screen sharing layout ASAP!

19 days ago

We are releasing soon able to switch between the two layouts.

Also share audio is coming out soon!

18 days ago

YES!!! When? And will it be switch between the two layouts at event design stage or will we have to choose when sharing the screen? The latter will be AWFUL as it will slow down the process and make for a much less seamless transition, please tell me it won’t be that option!!!

18 days ago