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Give the possibility for the host to create a poll. Attendees can vote for their favorite proposition.
Two ways of seeing the results :

  • after the vote is casted.
  • a simple “show me the results” link

As for the Q&A, the host can delete the poll once he thinks it’s time to.

10 months ago

Short term solution!
You can use the Q&A and enter 2-3 options and have people vote on them!

But yes we will do a better one soon.

10 months ago

@Hoyin, is there any update on this?

9 months ago
Changed the status to
9 months ago

Looking forward to this feature! Glad it’s now planned.

6 months ago

Having polls would be great - has some great functionality like this.

5 months ago

Nice @Hoyin! Another excellent feature in the works! Keep it up :)

2 months ago

Is there any update as to when the polls may be rolled out?

a month ago