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Resize font of table names#88


Currently they are quite small and difficult to read.

Also, in the outside tables, the design of having a shadow appearing goes over the table name and you can’t see part of it.

a year ago

Table names should indeed have a larger font size if possible. Some of our participants had to join specific tables and the table names weren’t sufficiently obvious for them to find easily.

a year ago

agreed, best option would be a small textarea in the settings for the admin which would provide ability to add some custom CSS - would be easy enough for us to do it ourselves if we had the option. perfect class name .names-ctn. save it and load it in at the end of all the other css and we’re golden for all the customization we’d want. Please please please!

a year ago

looks like if you have a custom map you are able to control the font sizing

a year ago

Would be helpful to be able to resize font and weight for existing Remo floor plans.

a year ago

I cannot read fineline text. Please thicken the type. In typefaces, it’s called “weight”

5 months ago