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Find a participant#89


It would be nice to able to click on a particpants name and see which table/floor they are on so you can join them

6 months ago

Yes! There have been several times I would like to meet up with a participant but they dont’ know what table they are at and I can’t find them because there are so many people.

5 months ago
Changed the status to
3 months ago

@Hoyin. Brilliant news, will be interesting to see what guise that comes in. Looking forward to hearing about that and testing it for you if needed.

3 months ago

I would also like to see an icon indicating “You Are Here” on the map view so you can identify which table you are placed at upon entry.

2 months ago

Excellent! This would be really helpful for attendees!

a month ago

This would be extremely helpful. Could I also suggest a kick feature for misbehaving participants?

20 days ago

There is, within the event you just right click on someone, click remove guest and it gives you two options. Remove from floor, they have to go away, calm down and then rejoin. Or Remove from event and their email address is then blocked and they can’t access again with that email address. If you are not in the event, just go to event settings > invitations > and search for the person and block them. Simple

20 days ago